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[almo$t equal to]: fun and confusing

Pillsbuty House Theatre, through October 22

My computer is unable to make the double squiggly line mathematical symbol that goes in front of this play’s title. ~, only two, one atop the other. Also, I’m unsure about the dollar sign. But the program has one, so…

In The Heights: beautifully overdone

The Ordway, through September 24

In The Heights (at the Ordway through September 24) – despite its glitziness, its over-the-top-ness, its (extreme) loudness – beautifully invokes the heat, the funk, the grit of a New York City summer. Better than anything I can think of…

Circus 1903: Step right up!

The Ordway, through June 30

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls Circus 1903 is in town. And what a fine circus it is. Couched in the conceit of an old fashioned big top entertainment from the turn of the last century Circus 1903: The Golden…