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  1. Radio Homegrown Critic's show is Sunday (1/8/06) at 10PM
  2. Minnesota Music on the Radio
  3. Cyn Collins on Dig Up the Roots in KFAI's Audio Archives
  4. I'm guesting on Mary Lucia's show Thursday, January 12th
  5. Cyn's Dig Up the Roots (KFAI) playlist
  6. getting local press
  7. Rockwatch/TCMusique cable program to be filmed Feb. 11th
  8. Fox 9's Idea of Covering Local Music
  9. Riemenschneider reviews the Current's first year on the air
  10. Dan Israel's on Jason's show tonight
  11. Minneapoliscast
  12. JoAnna James on SearchMode TV and Homegrown
  13. Dan Israel is Chris Robert's Local Show guest tonight
  14. Catch me weekly hosting KFAI's Dig Up the Roots
  15. Rift's Website
  16. Homegrown 2/5 fe: JoAnna James and Me and Andrea
  17. Ian Anderson of Afternoon Records on Homegrown tonight -now!
  18. Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
  19. 2/19 local radio lineup
  20. The Brandy of the Damned
  21. Radio Rumpus Room Event tonight at Lee's!
  22. New Twin Cities Music Blog
  23. All Shook Down...
  24. Homegrown tonight featuring me, and Colonial Vipers Attack
  25. unstuttered
  26. High on Stress, Stook big in Netherlands?
  27. Minnesota Music
  28. Jim DeRogatis on MPR
  29. Loud and Local
  30. Stage Session at the Fitzgerald will be broadcast at 6PM on MPR (91.1)
  31. KQ Homegrown tonight - I guest host. The Gleam is the musical guest.
  32. Off the Record this Friday
  33. terminal bar - i have stepped down
  34. Tapes N' Tapes in Rolling Stone!
  35. Strib Story on MySpace and Local Bands
  36. one of these things is not like the other...
  37. Radio Homegrown on Drive 105 tonight featuring ....
  38. HWTS Party pimped in SPIN
  39. TCGMC on the Local Show
  40. Tapes 'n Tapes on Letterman soon
  41. HowWasTheShow Party ticket giveaways
  42. Cities 97 this morning
  43. Husker Du on Joan Rivers
  44. Pimp My Happy Hour
  45. Steve Cohen SXSW Photo Gallery
  46. HowWasTheShow TV
  47. Changes at the Current
  48. Mei Young's final broadcast on Drive 105 Homegrown - tonight
  49. Duplomacy on Gorilla vs. Bear
  50. Soul Asylum on www.cnn.com
  51. Concert of Many Women on 89.3
  52. It's Andrea night on Homegrown
  53. Quarter Acre Lifestyle does a one on one with Perfect Porridge
  54. City Pages Music Editor
  55. tonight on homegrown
  56. The Current played my 3 songs on Friday!
  57. Streaming the Current
  58. Andrea's on Homegrown
  59. Alarmists in the Strib
  60. The Rake's Local Music Coverage
  61. Tapes 'n Tapes...again!
  62. The Hold Steady Guide to the Twin Cities...
  63. "What we talk about when we talk about music" by Steve McPherson
  64. Commercial Fame
  65. Cyn Collins' book West Bank Boogie to
  66. Dan Israel Overloaded video
  67. David de Young's Audio Tour of the Twin Cities Music Scene
  68. Motion City Soundtrack on AP Cover
  69. PRINCE!!!!
  70. Mr. T sings the Eagles
  71. The Best Hack in Town
  72. First Ave in Top 10 according to Playboy
  73. Minneapoliscast Song of the Day in February
  74. Pimp my local media...
  75. Drive 105 Homegrown Annual Critics Show tonight
  76. Band Promotion 101
  77. pimp other people through the internets
  78. 80108 Media Looking for Mpls Freelancer
  79. Walsh heads for the door
  80. More self-pimpage
  81. Photography exhibit from Dan Monick
  82. San Francisco Psychedelic
  83. Homegrown
  84. Dancing with Johannah interviewed by Jen Paulson
  85. Storyhill live in Studio C on MN Music with Jason Nagel on Cities 97 tonight!
  86. City Pages Exodus
  87. Love letters in the Pulse
  88. The Current - Love and Heartbreak
  89. Minnesota Internet Radio Station
  90. Little Man on City Pages!
  91. Pitchfork/Olcott/Mystery Palace
  92. Our very own Andrea and Bob on CultureBully.com
  93. Hockey Night being signed?
  94. HowWasTheShow on Minneapoliscast.com
  95. Making Music: Featuring Ryan Olcott, Josh Grier and Dessa
  96. Drinking With Ian Featuring the North Star Roller Girls
  97. Indie rock act Tapes game for innovative tie-ins
  98. Stook! on Minneapoliscast.com
  99. Self-Pimpage III: The Wrath Of Khan
  100. Twin Personas: Stook & Martin Devaney
  101. Dosh on Letterman w/Andrew Bird tonight
  102. HowWasTheShow on Minneapoliscast April Edition
  103. Seymore Saves the World in Pitchfork
  104. "How Was The Show is the essential music read for local music"
  105. Anyone want to start a local music magazine?
  106. Becoming an Internet Phenomenon - Panel Discussion - Tuesday, May 1st.
  107. Pimping Stacy
  108. bye bye Drive 105...
  109. Jonathan Delehanty in Star Trib (online only)
  110. Pioneer Press Podcast Episode Two
  111. Prince + Wendy + Lisa = Planet Earth
  112. Alarmists on TV
  113. Stook! on TV
  114. The Runes: A Human Journey Book Release Party August 1st
  115. Pandora hosting a get together 7/26
  116. Pimping Pat
  117. Tapes n' Tapes blogging mentioned on Pitchfork
  118. Reveille Magazine Launches Today (omgponies!!$!)
  119. HowWasTheShow July Minneapoliscast now available
  120. Alarmists / WLR in the Pioneer Press
  121. 100 most intriguing things - Metro Mag
  122. Reveille meets Jim Soule
  123. Andrea on the Current
  124. High on Stress live on the internets
  125. Minneapoliscast interviews Reveille Staff
  126. CNN covers Lindeen, Petal Pusher
  127. Multiple Pimpings
  128. Velvet Revolver
  129. Are you diggin' on Stook? 'Cause he's diggin' on you
  130. Elvis asks Ross about Myth
  131. September 2007 HowWasTheShow/Minneapoliscast Podcast now online!
  132. Who's in?
  133. Jeaneen Gauthier podcast now online
  134. I may already be a wiener
  135. Ian McKellen at the Guthrie
  136. Dan Israel and Stook HowWasTheShow podcast
  137. October HowWasTheShow/Minneapolistcast CD Review show now available
  138. COOTNER!
  139. Jenny Dalton interview and performance
  140. city pages loves stook!
  141. November HowWasTheShow/Minneapoliscast Podcast now available
  142. No more cities 97 minnesota music?
  143. peter scholtes quits city pages
  144. I Have No Shame
  145. Staciann in City Pages
  146. Gospel Gossip
  147. paste book of the year...
  148. HowWasTheShow December Holiday Special Podcast features Mei Young and Jason Nagel
  149. HowWasTheShow Podcasts
  150. Electric Arc Radio 2008
  151. Tapes 'N Tapes announce new album, tour, etc.
  152. This Sunday, Jan. 27 on the Local Show
  153. Its Press!
  154. Next Twin Cities band to make it big:
  155. One For The Team Signs to the Militia Group
  156. Sun Country featuring music by Minnesota artists
  157. The Bad Plus on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien tomorrow (3/14)
  158. March 2008 Minneapoliscast/HWTS CD Review Podcast
  159. Cary Aria in the St Cloud Times
  160. White Light Riot Video for "Out of Sight"
  161. is this true
  162. Paste Magazine sponsors Romantica's tour!
  163. I'll be on WCCO with Jason Derusha today talking Voltage
  164. tapes n' tapes - not sure if this has been posted yet
  165. Cloud Cult - A Rolling Stone "Breaking Artist"
  166. The Hold Steady Signs to Rough Trade
  167. The Plastic Constellations rec 7.1 from P-fork
  168. Pitchfork reviews the re-issued Replacements albums
  169. Replacements Leave Door Open For Reunion
  170. Peter Lochner of the Jukes!
  171. 4-Star Review in Uncut
  172. H?sker D? rarities compilations in the works
  173. The Buzz by Cheapo (starts Fri 5/2 @ 10pm)
  174. What If City Pages Doesn't Suck?
  175. Atmosphere - 7.0 from P-fork
  176. Remix battle! Estate & Nobot
  177. re: Jason Lee's Comments on Tou Lee & MN Public Schools
  178. Minnesota Business Magazine
  179. Doomtree - 7.29.08?
  180. Old [Olympic] Hopefuls Video
  182. Spin Magazine reviews The Mae Shi at The Uptown Bar
  183. Gawker Slowdown
  184. Haley Bonar gets 7.1 on Pitchfork
  185. more changes at the current?
  186. Picked to Click 2008
  187. Reveille Turns One Party *TONIGHT*
  188. Linda Pitmon mentioned in ESPN article
  189. Little Man in Star Tribune and vita.mn
  190. arts amendment
  191. Me and My Arrow Members Cover George Harrison with Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses!
  192. Local Show this Sunday, Feb. 1
  193. Von Bondies (feat. Christy Hunt) on Letterman Monday (2/9)
  194. City Pages mp3 of the week - Hunting Club!
  195. Mary Lucia