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07-19-2007, 11:06 AM
Hi, folks....

Here is an invitation to the No Mittens Film Festival in Minneapolis at the Rosalux Gallery on July 27th at 7pm. I have a video being presented there. Its called 'Do You Have A Dog'. Its an excerpt from a video installation that I did at the 62 Doors Gallery. Its one of my ambient videos...sort of like a video painting..using my music and imagry I did of my friend Ben Treckman sleeping....It should be a pretty cool show if you can make it. This is my first video being presented in Minneapolis since I had a couple at the Walker Art Center.
Anyway....if you can make it to the show, that would be cool.

Brent Braniff

The gallery is at:

Rosalux Gallery
1101 Washington Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota