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03-09-2008, 04:22 PM
self? why doesn't High on Stress ever seem to play very many shows anymore? Is it cuz that fluent Chinese speaking twang artist "Country" moved to China?


Is it cuz they've been working on their follow up record longer than Guns n' Roses?


Good news self...High on Stress will be returning to the stageular region this Friday for the first time in a few moons.

information looks and sounds like this...

Bunkers (Downtown on Washington)
w/Murzik and Six Mile Grove
$6 cover

come on out. we miss your smiling beeyatch faces.

born to be mild,

03-13-2008, 06:47 AM
When the weather is nice, nearly every park in town turns into dance party PRC once the sun sets. Someone pulls out what sounds like a megaphone and blasts ballroom dance music while the locals dance with robotic precision. True story. I'm going to start a square dancing club that meets up just as the ballroom dancers start to fade. Imagine listen to the calls in Chinese. I've enlisted Hooters Shanghai (we locals call it Tweeters) as the corporate sponsor. The first meeting will be on the eve of the first full moon of the new year, year of our emperor, year of our beloved chairman and big brother. Year of makin' things right and doin' it your own way, the way you would if you could dance like the Chairman. Year of pulling up your pants so we don't have to look at your dirty underwear any more. Year of pulling up your socks because that's sexy. Year of get it done right only after you've screwed it up royally. Year of beer. Year of deep fried pig snouts and pickled duck feet. Year of does your mom know where you go every night at 1:45am?

If you can't make it for the first meeting, you're a loser, but you can still at least come down to Bunker's on Friday, the 14th.

High on Stress
with Six Mile Grove and Murzik.
21+, $6, 9:30PM

Murik first, then HoS, then SMG, yo.

The band tells me this is an Americana deal, so a little more Marie, and a little less Donny. I guess that means you have to wear sequins, preferably a dress. All of you. Someone in the band will be wearing a sun dress with spaghetti straps, and his socks pulled up over his knees. Guess who? I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with bass player.

"With your clothes balled up on the floor, I saw the two of you sleep." Chappaquiddick Skyline

Rock like it's your year and proclaim your candidacy - we need a big brother, we need a new Chairman.

Nick, Mark, Chad ''The City is for Dancers", Jimmy Lick Sequins High on Stress http://www.highonstressband.com http://www.myspace.com/highonstress