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02-27-2006, 12:59 PM
Sonic Symposium: A night of diverse Electronic music.

http://apraxia.net/fliers/symposium-ani.gif (http://events.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=events.detail&eventID=40570.21584)



Hosted and DJ'd by FUTURE LISA
21+, doors at 8:30pm, cover $6

The Kitty Cat Klub is the place to be on March 25 if you like Electronic music and have eclectic tastes, or if you want to see a show with a very solid line up! The Sonic Symposium, brainchild of Siren313 from Apraxia will commence in the most apropos location for any musical event named "symposium" with the lush atmosphere and hip vibe.

The God Project is an industrial rock three-piece from Kansas City making their Twin Cities debut!. The God Project is becoming a household name within the genre having played with bands like Imperative Reaction, Dismantled and KMFDM In addition their compilation appearances (such as the Dark Sonus & BLC Interbreeding series), remix releases (Slick Idiot, Tristruam & Diverje), and a movie soundtrack appearance (Shadows on the Wall) have widened their exposure beyond their travels.

Caustic is project from Madison, WI that fuses the styles of power noise and old-school industrial. Known for raw, hard beats and minimalist melodies, Caustic is one dance floor stomp-fest after the next. It ain't interested in technology taking over the planet, acting like a cyborg, or yelling about religion. Caustic is ghetto, short-bus industrial -- angrier than a sexually-frustrated fat kid with bad skin and louder than the voices in his head telling him to kill. It's 40 oz. of industrial fury, a race car crash that you can't stop watching. This Caustic performance will also feature members of Endif, a parallel hard electro act also from Madison.

SMB is a twin cites local group turned underground national act. Touring the US with such fellow spaz punk/industrial metal artists as Mindless Self Indulgence, Tub Ring, Retard-o-Bot, CrossBreed, American Head Charge, and Dog Fashion Disco has put them not only in good company, but also in front of large audiences across the nation. Their CD, "The Process of Assimilation" has been featured on national college radio, satellite & web broadcasts, and on the Hot Topic in store radio network, selling thousands of copies. SMB is now working on a new album for May '06

Apraxia (formerly from Detroit) is a Minneapolis based Synthpop / New Wave duo known for their heavy beats, elemental synth lines and melodic vocals. You've seen them play around town the last 2 years gaining new fans and always improving. Apraxia has appeared on compilation CDs in Italy, the UK and several in the US. Siren313, the duo's singer/songwriter, recently completed the sound design and music direction for the movie Shadows on the Wall.

ArcAngel is a female fronted, gothic-industrial rock/metal band based in Saint Paul MN. They create incredibly lush, passionate and powerful music while rocking the house. Dark but upbeat, ArcAngel combines elements of rock, metal, techno, and industrial that is heavy yet creative. Their stage show is very theatrical and energetic, featuring hard fetish/gothic imagery with intense musical performances that are anything but boring. While ArcAngel is new to the twin cities musical scene, they have spent the last half a decade crafting their original blend of influences into a unique form of musical expression. Best enjoyed live, ArcAngel is truly a symphony of sonic aggression and visual intrigue.

Future Lisa, a musician and performance artist, has been hosting shows and benefits and performing around the twin cities since June 2001. For Sonic Symposium she does double-duty as a host and DJ. Her music, which can be hard to classify, has been described as "jazz-rock-poetry-newwave-punk" and she has been compared to Patti Smith and PJ Harvey. Originally from New Jersey, she now calls Minnesota her home.