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04-22-2009, 06:59 PM
MN Mic (http://www.minnesotamicrophone.com) is a resource for the local spoken-word scene, which is, in case you haven't heard me say it 100 times before, one of the top spoken-word scenes in the country.

It's got a calendar of open mics, slams, workshops and other regular events, coverage of events, poet profiles and more, including this essay I wrote on why spoken-word doesn't, in fact, suck (http://minnesotamicrophone.com/in-defense-of-spoken-word-el-guante).

Check it out. Poetry slam finals are coming up in May: St. Paul on 5/4 at the Artists' Quarter and Minneapolis 5/12 at Kieran's. Both should be great shows.

I also just won the City Pages "Best Slam Poet" of 2009 award, so that's cool.