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Roller Derby Queen: overlong, yes, but still effective

SOS Theater, performing at the Gremlin Theatre, through Nov 26

The central conceit of Michele Lepsche‘s affecting (and challenging) Roller Derby Queen (SOS Theater, performing in the wonderful Gremlin space – 550 Vandalia in St. Paul – through Nov 26) is terrific: Florence has ensconced herself in a junk-choked house…

Gremlin’s New Performing Space: Finally, Some Good Theater News

550 Vandalia Street, in St. Paul, close to 94, the Green Line, a taproom, food trucks… Yes!

Been wondering about the Gremlin Theatre? Wonder no more. They’ve been busy, creating a much-needed new twin cities performance venue, in St. Paul’s Vandalia Tower. This spunky purveyor of edgy contemporary theater finally has a home of its own, after some years…