Ten Ton Bridge at Sauce Spirits and Soundbar

It was August of 2007 when I first stumbled across “Radio,” the obvious single from what was to become Ten Ton Bridge’s album Landfall, released February 27th with a CD Release Party at Sauce Spirits and Soundbar.

“Radio” was so catchy it was still with me more than two years later when I finally got the chance to listen to the full-length album after picking it up at the show. Landfall turned out to be one of the most listenable discs I’ve heard this year, chock-full of unpretentious, passionate songs buoyed by a crack band of musicians who know what the soundtrack to Minnesota life sounds like.

Listen to “Radio” on Ten Ton Bridge’s MySpace page here: http://myspace.com/tentonbridge

Meredith Westin captured this photo of lead singer Chuck Miller (above) on Saturday.

How Was the Show for You?

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