Pillsbury House presentation of Jomama Jones RADIATE LIVE!
Created by Daniel Alexander Jones in collaboration with Musical Director Bobby Halvorson
Set Designer: Arnulfo Maldonado
Light Designer: Michael Wangen
Assistant Set Designer: Andrea Heilman
Costume Designer: Oana Botez
Sound Engineer: Brandon Levy
Wardrobe Manager: Laura Topham
Stage Manager: Meaghan Rosenberger
Production Stage Manager: Elizabeth MacNally
Producing Directors: Faye M. Price and Noel Raymond

All songs by Jones/Halvorson

Vocals: Jomama Jones
Vocals, Guitar: Bobby Halvorson
Vocals: Bianca McClure
Vocals: Kalean Ung
Keyboard: Ted Cruz
Bass: Benjamin Kelly
Trumpet: John Raymond
Drums: Matt Edlund

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