is looking for a theater reviewer is looking for a theater reviewer. The site can offer no pay. However, reviewers get: 1. free seats to the plays they review (good seats at that); 2. the satisfaction of being a “player”; 3. experience writing for the Internet (and usable “clips”); and 4. the pure satisfaction of composing the review.

The expectation is that reviewers will see and review roughly 3 plays per month. Production schedules vary. Certain weekends are sometimes heavy with play openings. There are fewer plays in the summer. Reviewers are expected to schedule their own reviews (after conferring with HWTS’s other reviewers). Finally, reviewers – eventually – post their own reviews. This is not difficult and we will offer whatever instruction is needed. It does require a certain modicum of computer savvy. is a blog site. We also (occasionally) do interviews and articles. One of the joys of website reviewing is that the sites are a throwback to the old custom of overnight reviews. We love material to be posted soon after the play is seen.

Finally, we may require applicants to submit prose samples or sample reviews. Please email John Olive: Thanks!

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