Tag: Benjamin McGovern

Awake And Sing!: a 1930s era gem

Artistry Theater; 1800 Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington; through Oct 7

“She’s so beautiful. She’s like French words.” “Life shouldn’t be printed on one dollar bills.” “I got a yen for her, and that ain’t Chinese coins.” Can a play containing gems like this ever really be bad? Not really, and…

Review | Follies: rough-hewn charm

Artistry Theater, through May 6

Like the recent The Music Man, Follies (Artistry Theater, through May 6) exudes sturdy but rough-around-the edges sweetness and charm. Director Benjamin McGovern has done a crackerjack job casting Follies, (music and lyrics by the great Stephen Sondheim, book by…

Review | Noises Off: a fine British farce

Artistry Theater, through Feb 18

Noises Off is a perennially popular farce about all the things that can go wrong with a theatre production. Anyone who knows theatre knows the list is almost endless: last minute changes that rattle the actors, backstage romances that threaten…