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Review | Equivocation: Jacobean swells having fun

Walking Shadow Theatre Company, performing at the Gremlin, 550 Vandalia, St. Paul

Since 2004, Walking Shadow Theatre Company has been the area’s premier provider of historical drama: Hatchet Lady, Carrie Nation, Angel Of Destruction (19th century U.S.); Marie Antoinette (18th century France); Gross Indecency, The Three Trials Of Oscar Wilde (19th century…

Red Velvet: rich and passionate

Walking Shadow Theatre, performing at the Southern Theatre

In the first scene of Red Velvet (Walking Shadow Theatre Co., performing at the Southern Theatre, through May 28), actor JuCoby Johnson as Ira Aldridge says there is “Something about velvet – a deep promise of what’s to come, the sweat…

Marie Antoinette: featuring the sparkly Jane Froiland

Walking Shadow Theatre Co., performing at Red Eye Theatre, 15 West 14th Street, Minneapolis, through March 4

Marie Antoinette never said, “They don’t have enough bread? Then let them eat cake.” This libel was perpetrated by the people of France who despised MA for her youth, her penchant for expensive jewelry, for dressing up as a shepherdess…