Minor Kingdom at the Aster Café

Minor Kingdom - Photo from their MySpace page

The music of Minor Kingdom sneaks up on you like a season change. Kristian Melom’s haunting guitar seems to be tuned to his voice. As soft and solemn as Melom can be, his songs vibrate with a controlled energy.

The evocative spirit that is characteristic to Minor Kingdom was captured entirely by the group’s performance Saturday night at the Aster Café, which is quickly becoming a favorite music venue among local musicians and devoted fans.

Minor Kingdom—which consists of Melom on guitar and lead vocals, plus a bassist and a drummer—seemed pleased to be playing to such a receptive audience, and the full house was notably attentive.

Melom’s humility Saturday was as noticeable as his talent. He continually thanked the crowd for coming out and staying out—though he didn’t need to, since it would have been impossible for us to abandon the beckoning sincerity of his music.

Minor Kingdom may fall somewhere between singer/songwriter and alt. country—Melom’s not really as throaty or emotional as Ray LaMontagne and not quite as twangy as Phosphorescent, though he does share some qualities.   However, the sentiment of Melom’s songs really transcends genres. There’s something irrefutably genuine about his presentation, and he manages to drive meaning of his songs directly into the heart of his listeners. There’s value in that.

Melom offered his debut EP My Back Will Bend for free after the show, and mentioned that he’s planning on getting back into the studio soon. A listen to the 2009 album reveals much of the same subtle candidness that was displayed in Melom’s live performance, but with some intricate layers of melody sprinkled throughout. Whatever Melom chooses to do next, it’s clear that his music is only going to get deeper, richer, and, if possible, more thoughtful.

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