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Review | Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Guthrie Theater, through May 27

Sit in the corner and try not to belch. It’s repulsive. Behave yourself. Cynical Critic: Yes, sir. Go ahead. And don’t shout. CC: Ahem. There’s only one reason the Guthrie did Todd Kreidler (working with William Rose‘s screenplay)’s Guess Who’s…

Review | Indecent: beautifully dilapidated

The Guthrie, through March 24

Your two agèd (make that astute and intelligent) www.HowWasTheShow.com reviewers, John Olive and Janet Preus, recently attended a performance at the G of Paula Vogel‘s Indecent. They then repaired to the bar downstairs and prepared the following review: John Olive:…

Refugia: Serrand & Co. do gorgeous work

The Moving Company at the Guthrie, through June 17

Lately there’s been a multitude of shows in Twin Cities theatres about refugees and immigrants. They’ve run the course from last year’s pandering production of Flower Drum Song at Park Square to the spare but beautiful production of Promise Land…