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Review | Into The Woods: ethereal and powerful

Ten Thousand Things, through March 24

You might could call Stephen Sondheim‘s exquisite and delicate Into The Woods a “problem play.” Like Shakespeare’s problem plays (one thinks of A Winter’s Tale) to call Into The Woods problematic is in no way to criticize. Rather, it’s to…

Review | Park & Lake: a hoot and a half

Ten Thousand Things; various venues (check the TTT website), through March 11

What gives with all these outré comedies currently gracing stages in the twins? Two Mile Hollow. 21 Extremely Bad Breakups. Noises Off. And now the latest offering from Ten Thousand Things: Park & Lake. Are the sanctimonious clowns in Washington…

Intimate Apparel: a revealing, deeply rewarding experience

Ten Thousand Things Theater, various venues (check the website), though June 4

For a show that ruminates on the complexities of loneliness, Ten Thousand Things Theater’s Intimate Apparel (running at various locations throughout the metro through June 4th) brims with warmth. It celebrates humanity through honest, sometimes ugly insights rather than simplistic or…